Become a sponsor of the 2021 Croatan Forum

The Forum will bring together over 100 leaders in the fields of impact investing, social finance, inclusive entrepreneurship, corporate sustainability, food and agriculture, and economic and community development.

Click here to see a list of organizations that participated in the inaugural Croatan Forum in October 2018.

Becoming a sponsor of the Croatan Forum puts your organization in front of this diverse audience of leaders and practitioners working at the nexus of finance, sustainability, and economic development.

As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to attend the Forum, exhibit at the event, and, if you elect to be a Signature or Lead Sponsor, to speak to the Forum’s audience directly.

[The Forum] brings together leading practitioners, investors, and thought leaders at the intersection of a number of different areas that are critical to our work, and it’s rare to have a place where all those come together in one great package.

Director of Community Investment and Impact at a CDFI loan fund

Croatan Forum Sponsors and Partners